For a Veterans Day activity or to honor the special veterans in your life, consider helping men and women document their life stories. There is no more priceless gift than to preserve the uniqueness of a person's life experiences.

Time is of the essence especially for the WWII generation, with many people in their late 80s or early 90s, who have many remarkable stories to share from the historic 20th Century. Also, many Korean War veterans and Vietnam War veterans would also appreciate the opportunity to capture at least some portions of their military service (some things can be left unspoken and unwritten).  Some people are concerned that veterans many not want to discuss their military service, but many DO want to talk about it and wish that their loved ones would ask the questions OR they may want to document it on their own. In some cases, the veteran's goal may to ensure people never forget the good, the bad, and the ugly of war.

To make it a simpler process than it has been in the past, LifeBio has created The Veterans Story Book that provides 40 appropriate biography questions plus extra space for adding in more memories, photos, or other memorabilia. It also contains instructions for how to send a copy to the Veterans History Project in Washington to have it archived at the Library of Congress.

For more information or to order Veterans Story Books in bulk, please call 866-543-3246 or 937-303-4578. You can also email us at