If you're concerned about saving and sharing family stories, you are not alone.  The growth of the photo book industry, scrapbooking, and Ancestry.com are all signs that many people care about capturing what matters most from their own life experiences, their parents' lives, and their grandparents lives too.  Photos don't tell the whole story.  Genealogy is so incredibly interesting---keep in mind there is a whole life story behind every person in that family tree (and most of it wasn't recorded in the past).  So there is a better way.

LifeBio is making it easy to save and share family stories.  It's simple to write a biography when you have the right questions to prompt you along the way.  It's easy to create a simple "Travel Story" every time you go on vacation -- and now you don't just have a tiny caption to go with your amazing photos.  Maybe you have a World War II veteran or Korean War or Vietnam veteran in your family---the template is there to create a veterans story too. 

One other wonderful thing is the ability to Journal your daily memories too.  LifeBio members may want to keep their own journal private and secure -- but on occasion they can share something they wrote via Facebook.  LifeBio's memory capture platform makes journaling better than ever too. 

You probably have important documents or extra things you may want to Archive with your family stories -- so it's easy to upload these Word or PDF documents into LifeBio too. 

In short, there is now one place to go to.... Capture Life. Share Family Stories. Sign up for a free 2-week trial NOW -- we'd love to have you become part of the LifeBio community -- http://www.lifebio.com/Account/Register

Sincerely, Beth

Beth Sanders
Founder & CEO