If I had a nickel for every time that someone uttered the following words, I would be a very rich woman. "I wish I had recorded the life stories of _____________ while I had the chance." Then I normally hear about this incredible parent or grandparent who worked three jobs to keep the family afloat OR sacrificed everything so his or her children could go to college OR made the very best chicken dumplings OR played a mean piano.

His or her favorite memory of that person is so wonderful for me to hear. I count myself one of the most blessed people alive because I am given the opportunity (even if just for a moment) to learn a little bit about that special parent or grandparent--someone I will never have the chance to meet on this earth. AHHH, but I DO get to meet him or her through that child's or grandchild's recollections, and I get to watch his or her eyes sparkle when recalling that special someone!

Of course, I tell the person I met that they are now the keeper of the legacy--that it's his or her turn to record and honor the memory of that person by writing down or capturing just a few favorite memories or life stories of that cherished person so they will be saved for all time. Some take my advice; some do not. Hopefully, if they never get around to writing it down, they will at least share the story around the dinner table OR at the next family reunion OR use it as a bedtime story the next time their grandchildren come to visit. It's valuable--like gold--a priceless gift to generations to come.