Starting the process of interviewing your grandparents may be a daunting process. How do I even begin? What should I say? Here are 5 tips to get you started on this fun adventure.

1. Don't talk yourself out of it. In this day and age, there are always a thousand things that need to be done, and a thousand more that needed to be done yesterday. Interviewing grandma and grandpa is an important activity that you need to incorporate into your busy schedules, so don't delay. Schedule a time and keep to that time.

2. Find the story behind their pictures. Grandpa and grandma probably have albums full of family pictures that mean a lot to them. Look through it with them, and find the story. They have so many things that they can tell you that literally no one else can. Take the time and talk about each picture, figuring out the story that goes along with it.

3. Structure is good. Think about the questions you want to ask before you get together or call them up on the phone. Lifebio's template would have you ask about people in their lives, childhood memories and historical events, the real world of adulthood, and end with values, beliefs, life lessons, and more.

4. Pick a quiet place for the interview. Make sure that you and grandpa and grandma are in place where there are no distractions like TV or other people chatting. This is especially important if you're planning on using a video camera. If someone walks in during the interview, it could ruin the entire thing. LifeBio's Video Recording Kit may be something you want to consider because it includes our Guide to Interviewing and Recording and all the equipment you'll need.

5. Smile a lot and speak up. Your grandparents need to know how much you're happy to be recording their life stories. Speaking loudly and clearly helps them, and it keeps you from having to repeat the question. This could be a life changing activity for all of you, and you need to show confidence. Helping capture grandma and grandpa's life stories for all eternity is certainly very special!