I was reminded over the holidays as we sat around the dinner table that these are precious people staring back at me. My parents are extra special and so are my aunts and uncles. I look at their lives and realize all the good times and hardships that have shaped them over the years. I realize that they have interesting opinions and perspectives on life that deserve to be recorded and remembered by me, by my children, and someday by my grandchildren

....and on. Since I am the founder of LifeBio, I've done my best to capture their life stories in print and audio recording (some video recording too), to know them deeply, to record their voices and photos. There are more questions I could ask. There are more people, times, and places that they could share with me. It's such a gift to me when I interview them that I need to set aside some time to work on my own family more. Such interesting people. There's nothing more fascinating than people's life stories.