What does it cost you…

1) When someone moves out because they never felt connected and didn’t build any new friendships.
2) When someone moves out because the family didn’t feel you really knew their loved one as well as you could or should.
3) When someone is depressed because the family doesn’t visit as often as he or she wishes or the family members only stay only briefly when they come to visit.
4) When you don’t have the latest, greatest innovative programming for brain fitness, lifelong learning, technology innovation, and memory care that other communities have – so the competition wins.
5) When your efforts to promote person-centered care still aren’t helping you individualize service and care as much as you would like. How will you take it to the next level?
6) When your outreach/marketing efforts are the “same old, same old” approaches that may be losing their advantage.
7) When volunteers are coming to you but you can’t engage them or keep them involved as much as you would like.
8) When employee turnover happens because people don’t feel a meaningful and strong connection to the people and this place.

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