Life stories are a vital part of knowing every resident and delivering the very best service and care. In fact, it is also a useful approach for home health, non-medical home care, hospice, and adult day programs. Community settings like CCRCs, active aging communities, or other types of senior living are the ideal place for capturing life stories.

Here are a few ideas. We like the fact that people can work together and prime the pump of their memories in group classes. Also, in community settings, there are usually volunteers (adult or youth) who would like to get to know someone and they just need an easy approach to get the conversations started. One-on-one visits are also a great time for capturing life stories in senior living or skilled nursing facilities or other long term care settings. Finally, family members or other loved ones are sometimes at a loss for words or ideas for what to talk about, but, when Story Cards are provided by the community, the visits become longer and better for everyone. The whole process opens the door for new connection, new experiences, and more love. To know is to love--and that's the greatest gift of capturing life stories. Older people have so much to teach and share--let's not miss this opportunity.
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