LifeBio just added a new Share button that will allow the biography platform's questions and an individual's answers to be posted to Facebook.  Now grandparents and parents may enjoy passing along their memories, wisdom, and values as they proceed through LifeBio's step-by-step process to create a full biography.

It will be fun for the kids and grandkids to read about a parent or grandparent -- the people, places, and events experienced in greater detail. Each time a question is answered, it can be shared if the LifeBio member wishes to do so.   LifeBio leads people through WHAT to say with great prompting questions. I think people will enjoy getting the reactions from their family as they learn more about them.  The conversations will be richer than ever.

Sign up now for free and start trying it out with a "lite" LifeBio membership account.  You can upgrade to Premium membership if you like it!

 -- Beth Sanders