LifeBio Launch - Capturing Veteran’s Stories Made Easy Just in Time for Veteran's Day

LifeBio captures life stories and promotes better health through reminiscence. The Veteran's Story is a new "chapter" within, creating a veteran's life story without delay

Columbus -- November 9, 2012 (Marysville, Ohio) – LifeBio announces the debut of The Veterans Story within the new website just in time for Veteran's Day.

LifeBio captures life stories and positively impacts health through reminiscence. With an estimated 700 World War II veterans passing away every day, LifeBio is committed to helping more veterans have easy access to the simple web-based system with prompting questions that generates finished, ready-to-print biographies.

Preliminary research has found that LifeBio's approach improves cognitive function and increases positive emotions.

The Veterans Story is for veterans of all ages. LifeBio works with veterans organizations, senior care providers, and health care organizations to gather the stories of veterans in these settings. Family caregivers may also use LifeBio to interview an older loved one who served in the armed forces.

The Veterans Story “Chapter” within provides 40 great questions that help veterans share what they want to share about their years of service, but it also includes excellent prompts about life before and after the military too. As a result, the veteran creates a complete biography and a lasting legacy for present and future generations.

Three sample questions:

Were you drafted or did you enlist? Describe your feelings about being drafted or explain why you decided to enlist. What branch of the service did you choose and why?

What was it like to leave home for the military? Who was there to say goodbye? How did you travel? How was everyone feeling before you departed? Were you worried, afraid, excited?

Explain what military life was like for you. What was the daily routine? Did you like the physical regimen, the food, and the barracks? Did you have any fun or was it all work?

“We’re inspired by the men and women who have served in our armed forces. This is the time to be recording what matters most. With The Veteran's Story, these experiences will be lost or forgotten. Families want this information captured before it’s too late,” said Beth Sanders, Founder & CEO of

Through the instant Preview feature of LifeBio, veterans can see their life story unfold and print a PDF copy without delay. In addition, there is the option to order a leather-bound edition.

For more information, please visit and click the SIGNUP button.
Health care or senior care providers will find more information about becoming LifeBio Authorized at
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Beth Sanders