We have successfully integrated LifeBio's storytelling, story capturing and story making into the fabric of Edgewater’s being. You challenged me to make it more than just an add-on activity---make it the cornerstone of our programming---and we did and it is working! J Thank you for giving me such a wonderful product to use to build community with and to make people happier and healthier....It is truly wonderful. - Dawn, Director of Lifestyle Services, Edgewater

Upon completing his LifeBio Legacy Book and distributing copies to his family and friends, Robert had this to say. "There was a great reaction. It was worth it. I have created a family heirloom."

For family caregivers and individuals     www.lifebio.com

For senior care and health care

When my mom was going through the dying process, LifeBio made the process better for her. It brought such a healing process to our family. Her grandchildren could read her the stories of her life at her bedside. Now that she's gone, it so much more meaningful....that legacy. --Donna, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know that our community has received our Memory Journals and Life Story Journals. Everyone is so excited to jump into this stuff already. I just personally want to say thank you for being so cooperative and easy to deal with and giving us a good deal on the books. From the response at the manor, I'm sure we will be in contact soon to order more!! Thanks Again---We are all very happy with what we have received!   -- Jessica, Recreation Director

"We started with our experiences–our senses, our history, our memories. Then we went on to advice. Now we’re talking about values. Now I look back and see all my writings and I see my values coloring everything I am writing.” - Dorothy, Auxiliary of California Lutheran Homes

“If we hadn’t done it, the story would have been lost.” –Daphne Noonan, York Manor, Canada

Nancy from Ontario purchased a LifeBio membership and Memory Journal for her mom's birthday. It's a gift from all the children and grandchildren. "It's a very sentimental journey for everyone."

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into creating the journals. My grandmother just finished hers and I spent an hour smiling, laughing, and crying as I read her words and met my grandmother through a new set of eyes. This is hands-down my most treasured possession, to visit memories she’s had for so many years and learn the many similarities between us that I didn’t realize existed. I just don’t have the words to thank you, but I know that you understand because you ‘get it’ too. So, with all that said, I would like to purchase four more! Thank you kindly, Stephanie

"I discovered a great source, LIFEBIO. I enrolled and was captivated by the clear and concise questions that triggered my own LifeBio..” Richard, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

"This is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life." - Florence, Ewing, New Jersey

This web template is much better than a memory book you might find in a bookstore. You might hit on something you want to go on and on about. So you can write as much or as little as you want. It's very easy to use too." - Karen, Tuscon, Arizona

"LifeBio is great--everything that I hoped it would be. My aunt sat and read every page.... I am so anxious to show it off to my children and friends. Thank you so much for putting together such a quality product." -- Dolores, Grandview, MO

"LifeBio was exactly what I was looking for. I am going to tell everyone I know about it -- co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends. Excellent way of telling people what you want remembered about yourself. Again, it's wonderful." - Monique, Sugar Hill, Georgia