Sometimes living in Marysville, Ohio is like living in a Norman Rockwell painting. Yesterday was one of those days. It was the annual Homecoming Parade which began with the marching band in red, white, and blue (my daughter was playing her trombone) followed by the homecoming court, the football players, the cheerleaders, then the junior sports teams (including my son's football team).

The streets of downtown are lined with the old brick buildings that Germans built when they settled here in the 1800s. Families lined the street and little children gathered more candy than they will probably get Trick or Treating. My dog and I stood there watching the parade with my friends next to the barber shop and across the street from the old movie theater. It was a perfect fall day -- not too hot, not too cold, overcast but not raining. It's one of those days that Norman Rockwell would have loved to paint. I'll have to record it in the "sweet memory" category in my mind.