Sometimes people are looking for a memories book for their parents or grandparents because someone is reaching old age, or facing a life-threatening illness, or experiencing memory loss or Alzheimer's Disease.   These are all common reasons for wanting to create a book of memories without delay or difficulty. 

I think families are truly worried nowadays that the incredible experiences of the 20th Century and early 21st Century will be lost or forgotten. These are family stories that should be preserved---priceless information way beyond genealogy. These were incredible years of change, and they do, indeed, deserve to be recorded.  For example, in 2014, it is still possible to meet someone in their 90s who grew up farming with horses or rode a horse to school.  Soon, these memories will not be available to us anymore. 

Also, there is such strength to be gained from hearing about people's experiences growing up as small children during the Depression and the Greatest Generation's experiences of World War II, the post-war "Baby Boom" and the rise of industry, computers, modern home conveniences, and the Civil Rights and Women's Rights movements.   It's all incredibly interesting---especially when you are hearing it first hand from a family member.  There are no history books that can duplicate hearing the oral history of a parent or grandparent or other loved one directly. 

Building that biography of a family member or other loved one doesn't have to be so difficult if you use a memory book with prompting questions to get you started.   It's also possible to build an online biography as well---and print a "Legacy Book" later from the answers filled in on the web.  We want to help make that memory book happen so please be in touch if we can help.  

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