Here's a stunning number. In 2010, over 400,000 Americans were diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Each year that number is expected to grow, reaching over 600,000 a year by 2030.
LifeBio is laser focused on using innovative technology and other tools to help ensure memories are not lost or forgotten in senior living, health care organizations, nursing homes, adult day programs, and home health care settings. Why?

• Quality - Knowing the whole person deeply has a significant impact on care. Knowing more leads to stronger relationships and higher levels of service (and lower staff turnover). It's not "nice to have" information. It preserves the person's identity.

• Engagement - People with memory loss can still tell a great story. Powerful things happen when family, volunteers, or staff can truly connect with the person experiencing Alzheimer's or another type of dementia in a more meaningful way. It's the details of his or her past, childhood memories, family relationships from long ago, and personal life experiences that matter. Conversations about today don't connect like conversations about the past. Story has the power to engage and teach US as we listen.

• Health - Reminiscence works the hippocampus area of the brain where memories are stored. Reminiscence touches all dimensions of wellness too--especially on an emotional and spiritual level. Today, the disease can't be stopped but perhaps it can be slowed. Innovators will keep working, trying, striving to do anything possible to help.


LifeBio provides technology (, Life Story Journals, Story Cards, Storyboards, and other tools for capturing life stories and ensuring memories are not lost or forgotten. LifeBio delivers training that helps organizations succeed. LifeBio also helps organizations with their fundraising/development, person-centered care initiatives, and outreach/marketing efforts. Want more info? Call 937-303-4574 or email to learn how to become a LifeBio Certified Organization without delay.