One of the key outcomes of gathering life stories from a person with early-stage Alzheimer's Disease or the outcome of gathering life stories by interviewing a close family member to the client with Alzheimer's Disease is....having the essential memory cues to continue to connect and have meaningful conversation.

It can be as simple as gathering 10-12 points of life story data in order to have the right information to remind him or her of details of his/her life's work or childhood memories or education experiences or interesting vacations.  With #alzheimersdisease, it is important to do what we can to know the whole person.  Too often, people's abilities (especially for ongoing conversation) are discounted by the caregivers around them.  With memory cues gathered (while we have the CHANCE), there is no reason that engagement can't happen more routinely and in a richer manner.

LifeBio captures life stories in health care and senior care settings.