I saw a need when I came into skilled nursing communities or memory care units to provide a simple way for people to have a way of visiting with people who have memory loss or Alzheimer's Disease. MemoryBio provides one-on-one or small group activities involves sharing a picture or multiple pictures provided in the MemoryBio Photo Album.

Then there are also pointed or yes/no questions that go along with the pictures. There are over 200 pictures in the book and now staff, family members, or volunteers (or even family caregivers could be using this) can look through the MemoryBio Photo Album and pick a photo that catches the person's eye and share memories together. Another great thing is that there is also a MemoryBio Journal because a key is thing is to actually RECORD what someone says or remembers (or maybe they just react to that picture with a smile--great!). The story can build little by little....and be recorded in the journal.

When someone with dementia cannot speak, these pictures are still something can provide visitors or caregivers with something to talk about. We can share our story and this keeps us from always talking about things like the weather, health, sports, or food (typical but boring topics). Because reminiscence has the power to lower depression and even increase happiness, we must try to do something that may connect and promote communication. There is nothing more meaningful than eye-to-eye, hand-to-hand communication. We believe that MemoryBio just builds a bridge and helps people get close and share and touch each other's lives. Alzheimer's seems like a modern-day plague--people are so scared of it. We must do something....and connection is key.

This program has worked well in conjunction with the Best Friends Approach.

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