MemoryBio, a picture-based reminiscence and journaling program for people who have Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and mild cognitive impairment, will be officially released by at the American Society on Aging Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., in March 15-19.

MemoryBio helps family and friends communicate with loved ones who are dealing with memory loss. The 200-page MemoryBio Photo Album provides a variety of 35 different life themes through pictures. Themes such as “Travel & Vacations” or “Cooking, Baking, & Canning” or “Jobs & Careers” are explored. The pictures and carefully-crafted questions help begin conversations—perfect for family visits or small groups.

The accompanying MemoryBio Journal allows family, staff, or volunteers to write down comments shared by the elder with memory loss as they look through the photo album together. In addition, objects and ideas are suggested in MemoryBio bringing the curriculum alive in daily life and impacting all the senses.

Christine Fenn, Vice President of VibrantLiving, a senior living community in Downers Grove, Illinois, finds great value in MemoryBio’s programming. “We value people and we know their memories and experiences and we know that capturing them will only help us deliver even better service and care. That’s why we now use MemoryBio for our memory care programming. It gives the entire staff and residents something new and different to talk about every day.”
Reminiscence allows seniors to take a trip to “pleasanter” days and lowers depression. In turn, families enjoy seeing their loved ones engaged and visiting with others.

“People with memory loss crave eye-to-eye, face-to-face, hand-to-hand communication. That’s what MemoryBio delivers. It’s a genuine and meaningful way to start an interesting conversation together through pictures and appropriate questions for people facing memory loss. Frankly, there just needs to be a move away from the same old talk about food, health, and the weather and that’s where MemoryBio can be a big help,” said Beth Sanders, founder & CEO of LifeBio.

About LifeBio
LifeBio provides innovative ways to capture life stories, preserving relationships to last for generations. LifeBio’s memory and reminiscence products and services are used by senior living communities, churches, schools, and by consumers. For more information, visit or call 1-866-543-3246.