LifeBio is honored to have become familiar with the work of Dr. Bill Randall and Dr. Gary Kenyon, both professors of gerontology at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada. There definition of narrative care is as follows:

"'Narrative care' begins and ends by honouring the lived experience, or the story, of the person receiving help. Narrative care is therefore "core care". In conjunction with St. Thomas University, LifeBio's autobiography tools have been employed at York Manor, a nursing home in Fredericton, New Brunswick to support the community's efforts to employ narrative care.

Another leading expert in the field of narrative is Dr. Rita Charon at Columbia University. In the fall of 2009, Columbia University launched their new and innovative program in narrative medicine. According to the New York Times, "Through literature, she learned how stories are built and told, and translated that to listening to, and better understanding, patients. She could let them tell their own stories without interruptions and see how people described their symptoms as part of the larger story of their life."

With LifeBio's work with the Mayo Clinic, York Manor, and dozens of nursing homes and long term care facilities, we see huge growth ahead in the field of narrative medicine and narrative care. LifeBio has the tools to accomplish the goal of knowing the patient and the people -- this can only improve the delivery of service and care.