I recently came across an interesting U.S. News & World Report article. The article confirmed my beliefs about the increasing quality of life for aging Americans.

According to the article, “The baby boomers redefined each stage of life as they passed through it. This generation also will retire in a way that is distinct from their parents and will set the standard for generations to come. Baby boomers are likely to live longer, more healthful, and more active lives than any retirees have before…”
Unlike previous generations, retirement for baby boomers represents a new stage in life—a beginning—rather than settling down. New retirees remain active traveling, volunteering and discovering new hobbies and adventure.
Have you entered this new stage of life? Now is the time to start recording your memories from the past, as well as the new memories created on a daily basis from your hobbies and activities. What a joy to share your interests with your children, grandchildren and friends. Start your autobiography or biography of a loved one, today!