We realize that children may also want to tell their life stories, and their parents find their responses fascinating.  That's why www.lifebio.com now has a Kids/Teen template inside.  The questions were developed by asking our own children what they would like to talk about -- school, friends, sports, favorite costumes, and just life in general.  

LifeBio immediately builds a ready-to-print book of the children's life story so far.  There is, of course, ample opportunities to keep coming back and adding more and more and more through the years. It's interesting to think about kids answering the questions at various points in their childhood.  How different a child's answer would be from what that same person would say as a teenager!   Even their favorite food and color would have probably changed! 

Love the interaction that this causes with family.  For example, we think it is great to have kids asking where they used to live when they were little or asking the names of distant family members to add to that part of their family's story.   We would recommend this for homeschooling parents and for schools who would like students to have a great reason to be online doing something meaningful -- in a safe and secure environment. 

For more information on the Kids/Teen story, go to www.lifebio.com or call 1-866-LIFEBIO or call 937-303-4576.  Licensing is available for group or children's hospitals or organization usage.