Probably the very best gift you could get from your grandma is her life story.  You want to know what happened before you were born.  You'd like to see her as a whole person, right?  Here are 3 ideas for book gifts for the holidays or really anytime....

1) Membership & LifeBio Book -  Grandma can get online and then create a hardcover, leather-bound book containing all her stories and memories.

2) Membership - Easy online ways for grandma to tell her whole life story or just to tell her travel stories, journal about her grandkids, or create a family cookbook.

3) The Memory Journal -- the mother of all biographies has 250+ questions that bring out the best stories.  General but specific -- this book will unlock the memories and ensure grandma says what matters most.  Don't let the memories be lost or forgotten.

4) Simple Life Story Guide -- even 20 questions would be GREAT. Ask grandma these 20 questions on your next visit.  In even 1 hour, you can be well on your way (or even finish) a great life story.  Don't delay -- it's really FUN too!

Just FYI -- You can move the answers from the Life Story Guide into . Take conversation and connection to the next level.

Memories are a priceless gift.   Don't lose them!