YOU Are Special!

Each one of us is a wonderful, unique individual.  The way in which the people, places, and events of our lives have influenced us has made us who we are today.  How we interpret these events creates our world view.  Even so, there are many experiences that are universal, and remarkable historical events that we have all shared.  You are special - and people want to know your story!

Have You Considered Writing Your Life Story?

Many people think about writing their life story - but they don't.  The reasons are many: 

-I don't know where to start
-It's too time consuming
-There's no one to assist me
-It's expensive
-I don't write well
-Only "select" people get to write their life story

This list could go on and on... and it could not be more wrong!

Let's Dispel These MYTHS!



Writing your story is for everyone!  For one thing, reminiscing has been PROVEN to be beneficial to your health!  Remembering the good times - as well as remembering how you overcame hardship - helps you to see the "bigger picture."  It also helps underscore your purpose in life.  The best part is that you DON'T have to go it alone!  LifeBio is here to help you every step of the way!

LIFEBIO Was Created to Help EVERY Person Tell Their Story - Their Way!

LifeBio Senior Story Director, Tricia Cossette, says: 

"It's been my pleasure to work with hundreds of people from every walk of life!  The clients and I work together to come up the right fit for their particular circumstances. 

Some people like to write their stories longhand, and then they send their book to me to type for them.  For others, a personal biographer is the better choice.  That way, we can work together as a team on their story, and over the course of several phone interviews, I then create a beautiful book for them. 

I can't think of a more rewarding job than helping people tell their stories!"

CALL Tricia for Your Personal Solution...

It really is as easy as a phone call!  Just call LifeBio Toll Free at 1-866-543-3246 and ask to speak to Tricia.  She will walk you through the options available and help you choose just the right solution for you.  After all, IT'S TIME TO TELL YOUR STORY!