Really knowing your parents or grandparents is a great thing. Many families don't always feel like they have a strong relationship with older generations and they aren't sure where to start. It's not easy but it is worth doing. You can build a relationship by interviewing your parents or grandparents. Along the way, you can also have the privilege of helping them to write down life stories.

The gift of life stories is priceless. The good news is that younger generations will have the autobiographies of their great-grandparents and even great-great grandparents, and it won't just be all about genealogy dates and places. It will be capturing the essence of the person. What made him or her unique? What events of life had the biggest impact? What are these life lessons and wisdom (so we don't make the same mistakes)?

Along the way, you can and will build a stronger relationship as you listen to the stories, hear the joys and challenges, and see what you and your older relatives have in common--you are more alike than you think! It will really and truly have the power to change your life. 

--Beth Sanders, Founder of, 1-866-LIFEBIO,