I've been putting pencil to paper for so many years now in numerous physical journals.  Here are a few things that I love to journal about....

1) The FUNNY things my kids say and do. 

2) My traveling experiences -- I really do meet some of the most fascinating people.

3) Life event stuff -- my feelings at different steps along life's road. 

I started to think how much better it would be to have these journal entries at my disposal online. I could keep adding to it wherever I am--using my phone, my iPad, or my laptop. I don't have to have the physical book with me. 

That's when LifeBio.com decided to add in the JOURNAL feature which allows users to create and date and post private journal entries inside their LifeBio.com account.  It seemed like a logical thing to offer to people who are creating their biographies inside our site.  Some people do prefer the freeform way of journaling over creating a structured biography. 

It's also great to be able to print out the online journal in a PDF format anytime one wishes....and to upload photos into it as well.  Family stories and journal entries are all great things to store at www.lifebio.com.

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