Catrina learns a lot about Mrs. G. through reminiscing and recording her life story. Communications skills improved, individuality recognized, empathy gained, and relationships built.

Hear the words of a physical therapy student, Catrina, who just completed a reminiscence project with her partner, Mrs. G.

Catrina’s Story

I am a physical therapist student entering my third and final year (starting in June). I started working with Mrs. G through my school's Geriatrics Club last winter. I have always enjoyed spending time and working with older people…This experience has helped me appreciate the individuality of all people and life in general. It has helped me to work on my communication skills, which will be very important for my future. It's so important to me as a developing health professional to see each patient as an individual with his/her own life story, and this process has reinforced that value. I have laughed and cried with Mrs. G. throughout this experience. It has helped me to view her on multiple dimensions, and now we have such a great relationship. I am thankful for this program because it brought Mrs. G. and I together.

Catrina used LifeBio's online system to record Mrs. G.'s memories. Organizations can purchase license agreements or individuals can learn more by visiting or call 1-866-543-3246.