I watched Google's ad called "Loretta" with great interest during the Super Bowl. It tugged at my heartstrings and probably yours as well. Why perhaps?

  1. Like Loretta, there are people who have been in our lives (or are still in our lives today) who are precious and memories of them are priceless.  We felt for Loretta's husband as he sweetly recalled their incredible times together. 
  2. We all have a great human need to reminisce and to remember. Loretta is worth remembering!  Special times in our memories can bring us joy as they did for him. Also, sometimes we are concerned that our children or grandchildren will forget or never know about this special person who came before them. 
Not too surprisingly, I've had people say to me..."That Google ad reminded me of LifeBio." This ad has raised awareness of these important issues that we ALL share. Great human needs.
It's exciting that voice solutions could make recording and recalling easier, and this ad was a great acknowledgment that LifeBio has been "on" to something for years with detailed, complete, rich stories and video recordings and audio recordings of thousands of everyday, "ordinary" extraordinary people who have passed away or are still living on this earth.
I'm incredibly grateful that LifeBio helps people have the chance to capture remembrances and feel as the man in the Google ad did for Loretta. People express these emotions to us every day. What a gift that LifeBio has been able to help keep so many stories safe and "captured." We will continue to do so, using the latest advancements which will make the process easier over time.
And....It's our experience that people have far more than a 30-60 second recording or a few lines of text to share about their loved ones and a few quick sentences. People pour out their hearts. It's our experience that people have detailed, lengthy, interesting stories and photos that are worth thousands of words. So here we are capturing all that.   
LifeBio is making it possible for people like you to share the complexity of the human experience. The joys, the challenges, the relationships, the work, the play, the lessons learned, and more are all woven in to the STORY. 
This is far beyond just photos saved online or daily social media updates. It's far beyond just a few voice recordings.
The people in our life are priceless, and we want to record and remember how they made us feel.  That's a big part of each of our own life stories. 
--Beth Sanders, Founder and CEO, LifeBio         Visit   www.lifebio.com