For all those teenagers who have been out of school for a few days, here is your chance to call your grandparents or email them and just say, "Tell me your life story." Then watch what happens! They may actually do it.

You may want to give them a few ideas (and you could just start slow with one question or one idea at a time).... like....tell me about your childhood friends, your school, your favorite store, and your first car. Tell me about the day you met your sweetheart. Tell me your most embarrassing moment. Tell me your favorite memory of ice cream. Tell me about the blizzard of 1978 or another BIG snowstorm you remember. Tell me what you believe is true--what really makes you tick.

Be prepared to be shocked and amazed at the amazing things they have been through. Today is the day for the history books to be closed (school's closed). So, instead, experience history through your grandparents own unique perspective. Why not walk in your grandparents shoes for a little while. Time is of the essence.  Don't let memories be lost or forgotten. These are special people--they can't wait to talk with you.

Beth Sanders