I want to say thank you to a long-time partner and investor in LifeBio, Startup Health. Startup Health has given us time, coaching, connections, media support, and a chance to collaborate with other like-minded healthcare entrepreneurs who face the biggest health challenges of our day and invent brilliant tech solutions. Startup Health selects companies who share their outrageous but realistic mindset — together we can better the health and wellbeing of everyone on the planet. They are “batteries included” always!

LifeBio joined Startup Health in 2014, after meeting Unity Stoakes at an event in Boston; he convinced me that this was a great opportunity (and he was right). At the time, LifeBio had two full-time people and four part-time people on staff. Today, we have 28 people on our team and, importantly, a fully built-out development team including our CTO, mobile/.NET developers, AI data scientists, UX/UI specialist, and project management expertise. In 2020/2021, we have launched LifeBio Memory, a voice-powered life story app powered by AI, and we launched MyHello, a tech-powered loneliness solution using any phone. We have won nearly $3M in SBIR grants; we are raising our Series A funding from now through March 2022.

Startup Health is always pushing us forward, and they are making sure we know how to explain what we do. We all know that entrepreneurs face a lot of hurdles in the best of times. Coming through COVID, many “Health Transformers” in our group faced intense challenges. As we bring out new solutions and adjust to market conditions, it is always Startup Health saying, “What’s the next step forward? What’s the best way to explain the problem and your solution? Who are your customers? How do you differentiate from your competitors?” It is hard to get discouraged when you’ve got Startup Health executives walking through the journey with you. Their energy helps fuel us!

Startup Health is a machine at generating publicity. When a company is doing something that has never been done before (like LifeBio, Inc.), it is important to shout it from the rooftop, and getting feedback always helps. One-on-one interviews with their media team members have been incredibly helpful. I have gotten better and better at explaining what we do and how we do it—fast and well. LifeBio is part of the Healthy Longevity and Aging Moonshot. It was an honor to be chosen to pitch in their December Health Transformer Showcase focusing on that moonshot goal. Not only did seven investors follow up with me, but I was inspired by the other companies in our space who are working to help people age longer and better.

One of my biggest takeaways from Startup Health is mindset. Do I come into the day with a positive focus? It is essential that I do this. Do I remember and trust what I have learned over the years? They remind us to take advantage of lessons learned and experience in the market; we know a lot in this tough area of health care.  Each month, I get to join other entrepreneurs on a Startup Health Circle, a coaching and support meeting, where a small group of entrepreneurs (the same group each time) build relationships together, celebrate our wins, get help with some of our most pressing challenges, and examine our state of mind. My Circle has people from three continents on the call too! Steve Krein, CEO and co-founder of Startup Health, recently said on our Circle, “Everybody got a reset during COVID. It’s a new world; you’ve come out the other end. You have the experience. You’ve been here. You’ve been watching the market change. Use what you know, Beth.” Moments like this really help an entrepreneur dig in and face the next challenge.

So, thank you Startup Health. We appreciate you. LifeBio is proud to be part of your global army of Health Transformers. We will stay batteries included!

Beth Sanders, CEO, LifeBio, Inc.