Parents and grandparents are sometimes surprised at how much their children and grandchildren want to know when they start sharing their true life stories.

"Tell me a story. Tell me about YOU." is music to a parent's or grandparent's ears. I suggest closing the Dr. Seuss book or take time on a long car ride to tell them one of your own tall tales or "everyday life" stories. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Tap into your own great life stories (you know you've got 'em) and start sharing them.

Make sure you think about ALL your senses as you recall a story to share with your family (it's easy when you can reference your autobiography for some great material). Take them to your backyard when you were a kid...describe your best friend (could be a real character!), your favorite game, and what your neighborhood was really like. Describe your first bicycle, the picnic that blew away, the lilac bush you hid in, and the time you fell out of the tree. Be sure to throw in your joys and challenges to keep it exciting.

Relate the story to their lives. You and your children or grandchildren actually have a LOT in common! Of course, you were once their age and had similar feelings and experiences. This will be an eye-opener and shocker to them!
For those with kids who love text messaging and technology in general, text them a personal memory once in a while, connect via cell phone and share something deeper than the day's weather or what's for dinner. Don't be too surprised when you begin sharing your life in a more meaningful way and they LIKE it. You can even involve them in building your LifeBio online. They can easily be on the web WITH you, asking questions and typing in your answers--even if they live far away.

Start your LifeBio now. Access online questions.

What's right for you?

1. Are you a web person?

Access over 250+ autobiography questions online at LifeBio. It's easy and fun. Just answer 1-2 questions everyday!


2. Are you a book person? Would you rather carry a Memory Journal along or keep it on the kitchen table? Just open the book, pick a thought-provoking question, and write down your answer. Skip around to make it fun!


3. Are you a phone interview person?

Do you want your own or a loved one's voice captured? LifeBio's Phone Interview service may be right for you. This full service option can be the perfect thing for busy people who seek someone to help create a digital audio recording.


4. Are you a group person?

Whether you'd rather write or type your memories, it's fun to reminisce with friends and family. Start a weekly LifeBio group in your local area or you can even lead a LifeBio 101 class! There are 35 topics to bring together your stories so you'll have plenty of things to talk about!