Technology in skilled nursing is very beneficial for the residents, families, and staff. Here are a few reasons why computers in long term care or assisted living will continue to expand now and in the future...

Why Technology is Important to Residents
Safe and easy Internet access and email
Activities on computers adapted to seniors' unique abilities and interests
Improved socialization and quality of life
Better connection with family and community using computers in nursing homes
Further independence
Cognitively stimulating

Why Technology is Important to the Community
Provide dignified, state of the art activities and therapy
CMS F-tag regulation compliance
Increase reimbursible therapy minutes with technology in long term care
Marketing differentiation
Creative and meaningful dementia programming
Engage younger volunteers
Ease move in transition
Improve communication for family

LifeBio has partnered with It's Never 2 Late to bring memory care programming to nursing homes and assisted living communities across the U.S. IN2L's expertise in technology and content development makes them an ideal partner. They have many years of experience in supporting communities everywhere. LifeBio's MemoryBio approach is included on the IN2L systems. Their adaptive systems are full of amazing things for older adults to do that can provide for meaningful activities and engagement.

Visiting IN2L's site to see examples of how adaptive technology for seniors can be beneficial. Jack York, founder of IN2L, is an excellent speaker on the topic of adaptive technology for older adults too.

To learn more about computers for nursing homes, visit or call (303) 806-0797 or email

To learn more about LifeBio's memory care programming and how it works in conjunction with IN2L's computer systems, email or call 1-866-543-3246. LifeBio also provides a full online autobiography template that can be accessed from the IN2L systems that are web enabled.