For the person who's hard to buy for, for the person who has everything, there is always a priceless gift ready to be given. The gift of memories, life stories, traditions, and beliefs is truly priceless. It's a gift that many of us fail to give. It's a gift that many of us long to receive. Whether it's online at ( or through the Memory Journal memory book (, or both packaged as a gift, you'll have the perfect gift that will encourage new conversation and connection in your family or among good friends.

Don't think that YOU can't help record those memories too. Sometimes families miss out on great talks by phone, via email, or face-to-face when they aren't involved in the memory recording process. It's not just about memories...this is also a chance to build or start a new relationship, even with your own family.

With Easter family get-togethers, Mother's Day, and Father's Day approaching, keep the priceless gift of memories and autobiography in mind. There's no time like the present and no better gift to the future.