If your small group or church is seeking an intergenerational Bible study or Bible study for older adult ministry, look no further than The Great Story and Your Story: Connecting the Bible to Everyday Lives. The authors, Dr. Richard Morgan and Beth Sanders, relate scripture to their own personal life stories and then invite the participants to do the same. This new 12-week study covers the following topics:

CHAPTER 1: The Branches of the Family Tree - Theme: family history
CHAPTER 2: The Prodigal Son and Prodigal Father? - Theme: Unbounded love
CHAPTER 3: The Prayer of a Mother - Theme: Prayer
CHAPTER 4: The Blessing of a Grandfather - Theme: Blessings
CHAPTER 5: The Influence of a Grandmother - Theme: Favorite Bible story
CHAPTER 6: The Memories of Childhood - Theme: Accepting the kingdom as a child
CHAPTER 7: The Challenge of Love and Marriage - Theme: Love is patient and kind....
CHAPTER 8: The Gifts of Home and Work - Theme: Home & Work
CHAPTER 9: The Need of a Neighbor - Theme: Good neighbors
CHAPTER 10: The Turning Points of Life - Theme: Turning points
CHAPTER 11: The Presence of Suffering - Theme: Suffering
CHAPTER 12: The Future–Your Journey and Legacy - Theme: Legacy
Writing Your Faith Story
Faith Story Template
Writing Your Heartfelt Letter/Ethical Will
Heartfelt Letter/Ethical Will Template
Leader’s Guide
Order of Worship for the Small Group
Order of Worship for the Church

Here's what others are saying....

People often approach Bible study as an opportunity to learn
facts about ancient people in ancient times, but they struggle to
connect those facts with their own lives in the 21st Century.
Through these twelve Bible studies, plus additional exercises and
a leader’s guide, Morgan and Sanders have provided an engaging,
accessible, and much-needed resource that draws participants into a
lively, welcoming, and personal encounter with sacred scripture.
–Dr. David M. Seymour
Senior Pastor, Mount Zion Lutheran Church

This book is a treasure and a must-have for anyone working in
small group settings. The simple format, with a clear and appropriate
progression, leads the reader from the story in the scriptures
directly to the reader’s own story. This makes the book easily usable
and exciting. As I read through the book, my own memories rose to
the forefront--memories long forgotten, but renewed by the reading
of this book.
–Dr. Miriam Dunson
Presbyterian Minister (retired) & Author

I appreciated not only the richness of the scriptural texts chosen
for use in the book, but also the depth of your storytelling…
I believe you have written a valuable resource for people at midlife
and older adulthood.
– Dr. Rick Gentzler (Richard H. Gentzler)
Director, Center on Aging & Older Adult Ministries
United Methodist Church

In this unique study guide, Dr. Richard Morgan and Beth Sanders
provide a template for recording your story as you reflect on God’s
story. Each lesson opens with a study of scripture and the real-life
stories of some of the Bible’s most notable characters. This is a
dynamic tool that I heartily recommend for churches to use in small
groups, adult education classes, and fellowship circles.
– Leona Bergstrom
Director, LIFETIME, a Ministry of ChurchHealth