What makes a good gift? In my opinion, great gifts have these four things in common.....

1) Good gifts are personalized gifts. The thought comes from the heart. The gifts that are well thought out or made by hand touch people the most. Not just some knick knack you found at the dollar tree.

2)  They are needed. They help the person receiving it to solve a problem. Not just the problem of how else can they waste their time!

3) They are FUN. Maybe we learn something or experience something new when this gift enters our lives. It shouldn't just be something that will be thrown on a shelf or in a bin when the season is over.

4) They have a "ripple effect". They impact not just the gift receiver but the family, friends, and loved ones maybe for years to come. They don't pull you away from them and keep you in your room as you play with perfect gadget.

It's winter! It's cold and miserable, and no one wants to go outside. Don't let the gift giving stop once Christmas is over! Stay warm, and give the gift of your time to your loved ones. You can sit by the blazing fire with a mug of hot cocoa in your hands, and learn the life stories of your family and friends. It's endlessly fascinating!

Lifebio.com can help you write down these amazing stories so you don't forget them. Publish them, so generations upon generations can look back and see what you or a loved one was like. Don't wait! Use these cold winter months to do something that will last forever.