The #lifestories of #veterans are stories of courage, tragedy, adventure, and love too. These stories teach us. We learn history. We learn lessons to help us live our lives better. We see the strength it took for you to make it through. It is an inspiration to us. It's also a warning to us that life is not easy--we are all going to face difficult times ahead, and we must be ready to do what we must do.

Some of you served overseas.  Some of you served on the homefront.  Some of you saw battle. Some of you did not. 

All of you have a story to tell.  I realize that some stories will remain untold and they should.   But some of you have at least a few things you'd like to record.  Of course, your time in the service is just part of who you are.  Do your best to write down a few memories from your years in the service, but also include information on what came before and what came after.  How did your time in the #military impact your life?  Your childhood experiences, your adulthood experiences -- love, marriage, children, grandchildren, jobs and careers, and much more.  Record your personal life lessons and values for present and future generations to read and to teach them.  Don't we all wish we had records like that from our grandparents and great-grandparents? 

There is no one else like you.   Don't let your life story go unwritten.

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