With the holidays right around the corner, what are some thoughtful, meaningful gifts you can give to your clients? Whether you are a financial planner, estate attorney, or insurance salesperson, you are seeking the best gifts to give to clients. Your clients have lived fascinating lives--running businesses, leading in the community, enjoying their children and grandchildren through the years. As an advisor to your clients, you are concerned about your clients financial legacy and their family legacy too.

Give gifts that have meaning. Give gifts that will be used long after the holidays. Here are 3 gift ideas to consider.

1) Memory Journal - 250 questions in a fill-in-the-blank 6 x 9 inch format. Beautiful, quality hardcover book for anyone to use to journal their lives so far....with plenty of room to keep writing as life continues to unfold!

2) Life Story Journal - 72 questions in a 8.5 x 11 sized workbook (paperback with coil binding). Some "warm up" questions that will be fun to discuss with your clients. Ample space to write.

3) LifeBio.com Membership - online autobiography template with all the questions found in the Memory Journal. For that "tech-savvy" customer OR for your clients' children and grandchildren. Get the whole family involved and collaborating on a parent or grandparent life story.