Veterans History Told to Grandchildren Matters

It was amazing to see my son, David, sitting with his grandpa recently and listening closely as my father recounted his experiences during the Vietnam War.  Dad served in the 4th Infantry Division as a truck driver in 1967 and part of 1968.  He shared about his tent being shot full of holes near Dak To in Kon Tum Province in late 1967, spending hours in a small bunker with 20 other guys, leading a convoy of trucks away from the fighting, blowing up his truck when he and his friend, John, hit a landmine, and enjoying Bob Hope's visit on a hillside one day.  There were some funny experiences and some very scary times shared. 

My son listened closely to his grandfather.  It was fascinating to him to hear this first person account of a war that is barely covered in school.  Years ago, my father didn't want to talk about it, but, as he ages, he has been more willing to share and there are so many lessons to be learned. 

I know my father doesn't see himself as a hero, but we are certainly seeing him as a very brave man who did what he had to do in very tough circumstances.

Perhaps you have a veteran in your life that would like to start sharing his or her story more.  The Veterans Story Guide can be written in a physical journal (questions provided) or veterans history can be created online at . There is a specific "Story" in the online system for gathering veterans' stories without delay or difficulty.  

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