I will see my mom and dad over the Christmas holiday, and I've got to get some more video of these amazing parents.  I think about all that they have lived through -- their own personal history and just history.  I recall the highs and lows (that I know of) from their lives.  I love being with them and just observing their mannerisms, and it is so great to hear them tell a story. 

As you may know, LifeBio now has a video recording app available in Apple's App store.  If you haven't downloaded this and tried it out yet, it is a PERFECT thing to share at a family gathering this week.  Just put the iPad in your kids hands and say...."Go interview grandma and grandpa!" and then watch what happens.  Seeing other kids recording their grandparents has just shown me that, when you see capturing life stories as just plain fun, it is something that both the children and the grandmas and grandpas will love to do.  Instead of it being a "stuffy" interview, it will be just impromptu and memorable for all time.  

So when I see my mom and dad this week, I will be undoubtedly logging in to the LifeBio video biography app on my iPhone and recording them on the spot.  www.lifebio.com