One of the challenges that hospices face is finding a simple to manage way of promoting engagement between #hospice #volunteers and clients. One of the best ways for people to connect is through life stories. "Tell me about your life" is such a simple but profound question to ask. However, it is sometimes difficult to answer because life is complex and there are so many aspects to cover. For those in hospice care, time is of the essence to tell the story--in his/her own words--before it may be too late. So hospice volunteers can play a vital role in asking the right questions to bring out the rich stories that older adults and really people of ages can share.

Imagine hospice volunteers sitting with a patient for even 30 minutes and building a profile of this person's life in the private and secure LifeBio system.  Just with an iPad or laptop and internet access, a simple "About Me" template online can help start the conversations between volunteers and clients.  Another great thing is being able to see what volunteers are doing -- and who they are partnering with in easy reports available from LifeBio.  The biography unfolds and can be printed out.  There is a record online of what was created -- just in case close family wants a copy of the story someday soon. 

Consider bringing life stories into your program, but look at ways to NOT do this in a manual way.  LifeBio makes it easy to get something there are no regrets later.  An obituary is too little too late.  When possible, the biography is a much better option.   Licensing is available for hospice providers around the world.
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