This is a unique time in history. Every man and woman has a voice. Their thoughts and opinions can be expressed for the world to read like never before. Everyone can easily have at least 15 minutes of fame. Now here's a revolutionary thought. What if everyone had an autobiography? What if you didn't have to be rich, famous, or unnaturally brilliant to have your own 50-page or 100-page book of stories, memories, life lessons, and values? Imagine the impact that your life story could have on the life of your family or friends. Imagine that loved ones aren't just left with a short obituary and a tombstone

---they actually know who you are, what you believed, and what you did in your lifetime. Genealogists would love more autobiographies, as they spend countless hours in libraries trying to figure out who their relatives are. By writing your own autobiography, you could make it easier for your descendents to figure out who you really were. You wouldn't be lost in the past. You wouldn't be that great-great-grandmother or father that no one knows anything about. Families would be able to open your own personal book and learn something new or gain a unique perspective on your life. The could gain strength and inspiration from you- someone who took the time to share. has easy do-it-yourself autobiography creation tools. We encourage family members to reminisce and record their stories.