What is lifelogging?  "The continuous capture of a large part of your life" according to Alexandra Carmichael. 

Lifelogging can mean wearing a video capture device around your neck or using a technology device or website to record what you did today -- maybe every minute or every hour of the day.

LifeBio helps people with how to lifelog by providing a daily journal for the present and future that allows for recording your daily life experiences.  If you've been using a paper journal for a long time, it may be time to go digital.  LifeBio also provides a template of questions in the "biography" section of the site to go back and capture the past too.  For those that would rather just record a chapter of life like a travel story, a love story, a veterans story, a pet story, or even a new baby story as it happens, LifeBio has a chapter for that! The prompting questions help people keep on track and record the most important things---what matters most.   With years of experience coming up with the right format and questions, LifeBio is now helping lifelogging go mainstream