LifeBio's Phone Interview service is becoming more popular as families realize that they WANT the biography of a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle recorded, but they don't seem to have the time or there are other reasons why they would rather not be the one asking the life story questions.  

LifeBio also works with health care providers to systematically record the life stories of their clients, residents, or patients through a carefully-organized Phone Interview process.   Over a series of three interviews, LifeBio gathers some key information about the person's life.  Then this information is transcribed, edited, and provided back to the person.  The new knowledge gained from the interviews can then be used by providers to personalize service and care more....especially for people facing cognitive challenges or Alzheimer's Disease. 

When memory loss is possible, it is both urgent and important to capture the voice and the memories of an amazing, extraordinary person and having LifeBio's help to create a detailed memory book can make all the difference.  This information should no longer be lost or forgotten.  

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