When you think about your family, who do you think of? Take just a moment to clear your mind and think about your own family. Do you think about your extended family or only your more immediate family? Perhaps you are married and have children that first come to your mind. Maybe you are in the empty-next stage and you now think about grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. Do you think back to your immediate family growing up, possibly including parents and siblings? Do you recall grandparents, aunts, and uncles? What about cousins, nieces, and nephews? Does your family include any half-siblings or adoptive family members? Do you have stepparents, stepchildren, or in-laws that are family? Do you limit family to those you are related to biologically, or do you also include friends and chosen family members? Do you include pets when you talk about your family?

As you think about who you consider to be your family, how would you describe them? Do you have a big family or small? Are you close to one another? Is your family loud or quiet? Are you more serious or funny? Do you live near one another, or is your family spread out? Is your family active and on the go? Does your family follow certain customs or traditions? Do you relate to a specific culture or all practice one religion? What language does your family speak when they are together? Do you know anything about your ancestry and where your family originated? 

Now, think about your individual family members. How would you describe your mother? Did you have siblings you played with when you were growing up? What is your favorite thing about your dad? Can you recall your grandpa’s voice? What did your grandmother look like? How would you describe the clothing or jewelry that your aunt always wore? What did your uncle like to do when he went into the garage our outside? What do your cousins like to talk about when you get together? What is one of the things you love the most about your spouse? Do you remember your child’s first word? What do your grandchildren like to do when you are together? Where does your pet like to curl up to sleep? If you could choose, is there one person you would most want to sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner? Is there someone from your family that you miss deeply?

As you continue to reminisce, what thoughts and memories come to mind? What is your earliest memory with your family? What activities did your family do together when you were young? Did you play games or sports together? Did you grow up in a musical or creative family? When do you get to see your extended family? Does your family show signs of affection? Did you ever go on family vacations? What does your family like to eat at gatherings? Does your family hold family reunions or spend holidays together? Where are some places that your family would go together?

Does your family have any stories that have been passed down from previous generations? Do you know about where your grandparents grew up? Do you know what your parents did as children? Do you and your siblings have stories you can tell about one another from your childhood? When and where did you meet your spouse? What stories would you want to remind your children about when they were younger? What stories do you tell your grandchildren about their parents? Do you great-grandchildren ever ask you about your grandparents?

As you think about your family and memories, where are there any gaps in your stories? What do you want to know more about? What is something you have always wanted to know about your mom or dad? What would you like to ask at your next reunion? What might you talk about as you eat your next holiday dinner together? What questions do your children have for you? Are there other stories you would want your family to know about you? What is a story you think everyone in your family knows? Is there something about you that you think no one in your family knows?

LifeBio encourages you to take time to reminisce your family’s happiest memories. Recall the difficult times your family worked together to overcome. Share your dreams and goals. Ask each other the questions you have always wanted to know. Share your favorite recipes, bake, and eat together. Talk about what brings you the most joy. Have family game night. Tell stories about your favorite activities and memories. Sing your favorite songs together. Talk about your favorite things, collections, and family heirlooms. Dance together in the living room. Look at photos, albums, and scrapbooks together. Tell each other jokes and laugh together. Watch old family movies or your favorite movie together. Make time to call your family to talk about fun memories. Tell someone in your family how much they mean to you or that you love them.

At LifeBio we help people reminisce their life stories. We can help guide you and your loved ones through recording your family’s biographies. You won't regret taking the time to share one another's living legacies. We are here to lend a hand and help you get started today. Find out more at www.lifebio.com, info@lifebio.com, or 1-866-LIFEBIO.