Maybe you're thinking about telling and sharing your own life story. You've always wanted to write a book and LifeBio can help you take that first step by moving you step-by-step through the autobiography process.

Maybe you're thinking about helping a loved one (parent, grandparent, best friend, or other people) tell and share his or her life stories. LifeBio's questions change out your conversations and give you something interesting to talk about.

We want you to know that LifeBio is useful in both situations. In fact, you can start your own LifeBio and work on someone else's too--with one password-protected LifeBio membership.

Life stories are a priceless gift. You'll be surprised at the new information you learn about yourself and the people you love. LifeBio helps people write what other people would like to read.

People who use LifeBio:

1. Parents
2. Grandparents
3. Genealogists
4. Scrapbookers
5. New Writers
6. Students/Grandchildren
7. Teachers
8. Adult children (with parents/grandparents)
9. Social Workers
10. Home Visitation Volunteers
11. Chaplains
12. Hospice Volunteers
13. Nurses
14. Activities Directors
15. Wellness Directors
16. Geriatric Care Managers