YOU are unique. Every life is a collection of the many people, places and adventures experienced.

Only you can preserve priceless memories. No one else can share your autobiography but YOU. You grew up on a street somewhere. You had a favorite tree or hiding place perhaps. You can remember your parents, your grandparents, a special aunt or uncle. How did you celebrate holidays when you were a child or teenager? What was school like when you were young? Recall some of those priceless memories for yourself and for the people you love. You’ve got some good stories to tell and some of the simplest memories mean a lot.

Only you can share a lifetime of practical wisdom. Life is a good teacher, isn’t it? Every day of life has joys and challenges. We learn and grow along the way. Life isn’t always easy, but we all keep learning things as we go down that road. Other people have much to learn from your life story—good advice, beliefs, values. We’re all getting older (and hopefully wiser) every day. You can help your loved ones, family, and friends prepare for the future with your perspective on life so far.

Only you can provide your own personal glimpse into history. There is nothing better than learning history from an actual personal account instead of a history book. Do you remember a big event in the news, a new invention that revolutionized the world, a new household item that made life easier, a famous person who changed the course of history? It is fascinating to hear what YOU think is interesting from history. It’s amazing to have a chance to walk in your shoes and see the world from your unique perspective.

Only you can create a lasting record for generations to come. If things aren’t recorded, unfortunately they will be lost or forgotten. Some of you may wish you had a book with the life story of your grandparents or great-great grandparents to read. Maybe you’ve got some family genealogy records but who were these people? What made them tick? What was their essence? What was their story? Writing down some portions of your life story in a journal or recording your story via the web or via video will prevent those stories from being lost or forgotten. This process may also open the door for you to share your story with a younger person in your family (maybe one of your children, grandchildren, a niece or nephew perhaps).

As life stories form a bridge between people of all ages. Watch as you and your loved ones experience more genuine connection and new conversations as life stories are shared. You may think that some of the things you have to share aren’t all that important or relevant. However, you may be surprised at how much other people will really appreciate this new information. Capture life’s experiences without delay and watch the stories and the love flow.