Here are 18 great reasons retirement communities shared for wanting the award-winning reminiscence program from LifeBio.

1. Great opportunity for staff to connect with residents. It will assist our team in getting to know the resident they are caring for on a much more personal level.

2. So many life stories are being lost when people die. We learn many new things at memorial services unfortunately...when it is too late.

3. The families of the residents will one day wish they had the history of their loved one.

4. We have the most amazing residents who all have a story to tell. What a special way for them to share their legacies with their families and friends.

5. Just great stories that beg to be told and preserved! It will be exciting for our residents and staff!

6. So much great knowledge and wonderful life history to pass on to generations to come.

7. Expand the reminiscing we have done in the past and be more consistent and intentional.

8. Build the memory care program.

9. My community is family to each other and this enhances communication.

10. We are beginning to see the relevance of stories.

11. Improve our residents’ quality of life and enable our residents to pass along information from generation to generation that would otherwise be lost forever.

12. Every resident has a story and we want them to know it’s special.

13. LifeBio will dovetail beautifully with our goals as well as the mission of our organization to care for the whole person and give them a place of honor at life’s table.

14. Interested because of the cognitive status this program enhances.

15. It’s an amazing way to help our residents LIVE!

16. Unleash the power of connection and pass down wisdom.

17. Great way to learn about our residents---moving toward person-centered care. A wonderful tool.

18. Can better assist in their care/service plan, better quality of life, determine validation