Many people wonder why they should tell their life story. Just as many people don't share it at all, and make up excuses as to why they don't. "No one cares about my life story." "They think it's boring." "My children know enough about me already." The truth is, sharing your life story is very important to you and your family.

Sharing stories encourages a closer, more meaningful relationship with your children and grandchildren. Family stories are important because you may be able to tell about people, times and places that no one else in your family knows about. I remember looking at pictures with my grandmother on an old slide projector, marveling at all the things she'd done and places she saw. Her life wasn't boring; it was fascinating! I felt closer than ever to my family as I learned about their lives growing up.

Sharing life stories also helps the younger generations-inspiring, teaching, and modeling strength and courage for them. What better way to model strength and courage for your children than telling them about the time you hiked up a mountain with your father, got lost, and then figured out how to get back to civilization in the dead of night?

Although these are three good reasons why you should tell your life story, you should also consider what is lost when you don't tell it. Check the blog in the next couple of days for important things that are lost when family stories aren't shared.