Are you staring at a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen?  You know you have something to say but where should you start?  Thinking back on your life story....there is a lot to remember along the way.   It is hard to do it without some sort of structure to guide you.   Here are 3 tips to get the creative juices flowing from

1)  There are 4 core areas to consider in writing a Biography... the people in your life, your childhood, the years of adulthood, and the overall lessons learned and wisdom you have gathered.  (Our website helps people put the whole thing in order -- you don't have to answer in order but LifeBio brings it together in an orderly fashion with the push of a button.)   Sign Up Now

2)  Journaling can build a biography.  You can just tell basic stories -- like snapshots of your life through the years. You don't have to tell the whole story all at once.  It could be random stories that come to mind that you journal about.  Our website's Journal area is for those who would rather do it more in a freeform way. 

3) Bring out the photos -- every picture is worth 1,000 words.  Maybe just tell the story that comes to mind when you see the people, places, and moments happening.  You can even upload the photos into LifeBio's Media Gallery for safe storage.  

The key thing is to get started somehow, someway.  Don't put it off. Every person's life, including yours, deserves a book!   You can tell it now for your family and friends to enjoy reading later.

Take a free trial of LifeBio  -  it's fun and easy.  Tell your own story or record your parents or grandparents too.  Writing an autobiography is easier than ever.