Have you been saying to yourself "How do I write my autobiography?" with no idea how to go about writing it? With the write template, it can actually be a very simple and fun process. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1) Talk about the people. The people who shaped your life are important to your story. The people who love you, gave you support, helped you make memories, had fun with you- these are the people worth writing about.

2) Record your childhood memories. Write about your best friend, your favorite games, the TV shows you watched, your school experiences, and your adventures. Your childhood helped shape you into who you are as an adult- these are priceless memories.

3) Document historical events that touched your life. There have been wars, political developments, accomplishments in technology, and so much more-all of these things have changed your life and need to be recorded. They are a part of your personal history, as well as part of the history books.

4) Note your adult life. Love, marriage, children, grandchildren, work, volunteerism, and so much more- they all need to be recorded. What do you love about your adult life? This is who you are you, and it's important to recognize how your life turned out.

5) Tie it all together. Be sure that your values, beliefs and life lessons are there for your family to read and cherish in the future. The very essence of you needs to be recorded- You and the people who came before you are worth being remembered.

Lifebio.com is a great resource if you need help with writing your autobiography.