You can meet ordinary, extraordinary people everywhere you go.  Today, meet John.  John was interviewed recently by LifeBio by phone. John lives at Pickett Care, an elder community that follows the principles of the Eden Alternative, realizing the importance of each person being deeply known. 

Listen to John's voice as he shares his own unique and exciting life experiences. 

You'll hear about John’s hometown of Morristown, TN. Enjoy his advice which is…  “Have all the fun you can!”  He talks about family, his beautiful white Corvette (T-top), his experiences drag racing, his work at Magnavox (assembling electronics) and later he worked for Richard Petty and drove his Dodge Charger show car. He drove the Charger 186 miles per hour at the Daytona Speedway!  He has a degree in accounting.  You’ll hear about a scary motorcycle accident he had….a vacation to Hawaii…and about his favorite TV shows, movies, and his love of country music. 

No matter one's age or health issues or background, John reminds us that EVERYONE has a story to tell.  Let's talk....and listen to each other more.....and "Have fun!" too!   

Listen to John's life story. Click Here.

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