Autobiographies are not just for the rich and famous.  No, today, anyone can create a short and simple biography or a more long and detailed biography.  It's as simple as following an autobiography template.  Since there is no one else like YOU, it is certainly something you should do while you have the chance.  You may also be thinking about a parent or grandparent who has memories from the past to share. 

It's fascinating to me that some of the very best autobiography entries in LifeBio are just normal details from life that are being shared with present and future generations.  Here are a few examples of things people write that their family members will enjoy reading.  Truly priceless memories -- that can only be shared by this one unique person in history! 

What is your earliest memory?
My earliest memory was when I was five years old.  I remember we lived in a big, white house in Vermillion, South Dakota.  My dad had a gas station about a block away from our house, and my school was also about a block away from my house.  I remember that, when I would walk to school and I was in kindergarten, I had a collie dog named Shep. He would walk me to school every day. At the end of school, he would be waiting for me and would walk me home.  -- Mary Rose

What are your favorite family stories?
Grandma once told me about her mother. Her mother, as a teenager, was sitting in a one horse open sleigh and there were two boys on either side of her in the sleigh.  She had her hands in a furry round muff to keep them warm. Both boys thought they were holding her hand inside the muff, but it turned out that they were holding each others' hands!  They were so embarraswww.lifebio.comsed.   -- Beth (that's me!)

Here are some other autobiography examples that are available to see on's website.   See the example of a rocket scientist and another example of a granddaughter who interviewed her grandmother.   Please note that LifeBio pulls together the whole story with the push of a button.  Just answer the questions and press the button and watch your autobiography or the biography of a loved one unfold before your eyes.  Then just print it out!  At some point, you may even want to order a Legacy Book (see the photo in this blog post to see what these look like).  These leather-bound books pull together everything that has been typed online and all photos's like a photo book but with MUCH, MUCH more life story data.  LifeBio makes it easy.

LifeBio keeps information private and secure so we're only able to share a few biography examples -- as the stories are shared typically only with close family and friends when completed. 

Would you like to tell your story?  Learn more about how to start your own autobiography (it's as easy as answering the template questions).  One question a day and you'll build it in no time.  You can also use LifeBio to interview a loved one. 

Need help with your biography or autobiography?  Just give us a call or email! 

Beth Sanders