Do you want to document the life story of a loved one, such as a grandparent or parent? Are you ready to share your own life story? Do you want to record your child answering questions as they grow older, to see how their answers develop with time? Do you want the ability to save photos, your family tree, and even audio recordings of your family members sharing memories? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all of this in one place? Now you CAN!

Are you wondering how to start? Do you want to know where this is possible?


You can use LifeBio! We can help you online, via telephone and email, or more. Choose the option that will work best for you and your loved ones.


We provide an online biography system to help you through the storytelling process. You can choose from a variety of topic templates—such as telling your life story, your love story, a veteran’s story, and more. Then we offer a thorough range of prompts so that you don’t leave unanswered questions for your family someday. You can choose to answer the questions best suited to you. You can write as short or as long of answers as you wish for each prompt, or you can skip questions you don’t want to answer.


With your online account you can write multiple stories for multiple people. You can save your answers and then log out. You can log in again to add more over time. You can easily move from question to question or one person’s biography to another.


As you build your own story, you have the option to insert photos and select your favorite border. If you wish, you can choose to print your book from home or contact us to help you make a bound book. The key is to do what works best for you and your loved ones.



If you interview and record family members, you can save the audio file to listen to again in the future. Imagine preserving interviews with your grandparents or parents to one day share with your own children or grandchildren! What a lasting treasure that could be!


Writing a life story is important for you and your family. Your family wants to you know, and you can learn all about them. Record your story while you can, before you have any regrets. This is your chance to say what matters most to the people you love and to create a lasting legacy!


For a more detailed description and tutorial to using our website to create your biography, click here.

It’s as easy as visiting and signing up for a FREE trial. Start a biography, and watch an amazing story unfold. We suggest you eventually upgrade to a full or lifetime membership, but try it out first and see how you like it! If you have any questions about writing your story, please call us at 1-866-LIFEBIO (1-866-543-3246) or email